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Brand and Logo Guidelines

The use of the Colegio El Camino name and logo and all branding items must have written consent from the school director.

This corporate visual identity manual reference is the only valid reference on graphic status, with the means to facilitate the correct application of the basic signs of identity for Colegio El Camino. A full manual can be requested by contacting Camino administrative staff.

Pantone / CMYK

Pantone 7686 C Solid Coated
C: 96.9% M: 77.38% Y: 14.07% K: 2.3%


Since typography TRAJAN PRO is not installed by default on most computers,
it becomes necessary to use “system” typography . For these cases ,
the font family set for almost all of the online medium typography is.TIMES NEW ROMAN

Positive Negative Logo Colegio El CaminoVersions in black and white are used in cases where the version can not be used in color.





Colegio El Camino Logo Small







The minimum reproduction size of the shield indicates the smallest size that can be reproduced for proper reading.


Incorrect Use







Usos Incorrectos






Secondary Version
This version of the shield may be used provided that the format allows.


Versión Secundaria




El Camino  Restriccion Minima




Positive and Negative

Positive Negative Colegio El Camino






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