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Construction Bid for Arts Center

Bid deadline Saturday June 13th

Project Bid summary

On behalf of Colegio El Camino, licensed constructors/architects are invited to submit plans and an estimate for an Art Center facility for various student activities which will be located on the Colegio El Camino campus. This building will include distinct areas for a computer lab, an art room and a black box theater/music studio. It will be located between the kindergarten and primary school, replacing an existing patio area as part of the design.

Attached is an information sheet which outlines the specifications for our request and a general map of the existing area. We are requesting your signed bid – including plans, a complete estimate and a schedule by no later than SATURDAY JUNE 13TH 2015 at 3:00 pm.
The school director, Mr. Heath Sparrow is able to meet prior to the bid deadline for any clarifications you may require. Site walk-throughs can also be arranged. Please contact Raquel Leyva for appointments.

The completed bid should include:

1) Architectural drawings and conceptual plans for the 2 story building incorporating the requirements for each of the different space usages. These must include:

Lower floor Computer Lab – sloping area (84m2) 3m ceiling height See example image 1.

– The computer lab should accommodate up to 30 computers and rack space. There should be a network room / office area adjacent to it and a sloping design.

Lower floor Art Room – patio area 74m2 (3m ceiling height) (Note a finished floor is already in place) See example image 2.

– The art room should have adequate storage for supplies, as well as a sink area.

Black Box Theater – top floor (157m2) 4 m ceiling height See example images 3 and 4.

– This space should be soundproof, and have a cabin/booth for recording. Space should be sufficient for non-fixed telescopic stand seating (SEE IMAGE 5). There should be a locked storage room for musical instruments and folding chairs. This multipurpose space will also be used the recording of students’ examinations, meetings, art exhibitions and small performances.

Adequate bathroom facilities (male and female) should be included to accommodate student, staff and visitor use. No windows should be in any of the rooms. Doors may have windows and exits should meet emergency standards (two egresses from Black Box Theater on second floor)

The area for the construction is viewable in IMAGE 6

2) Recommendations regarding the installation of plumbing, electrical, air conditioning, and other building systems necessary.

3) Construction management, personnel and equipment for the project. Proof of insurance and other governmental requirements for personnel working on the construction of the building.

4) Inclusion of costs and management of governmental approval process for all permits.

5) A committed schedule. The schedule should reflect any safety and/or noise accommodation necessary for construction during school hours (7:30 am – 3:00 pm) and meet the requirements of the Home Owner´s Association of Pedregal (days and hours of construction permitted)

6) A change order process.

7) 3 professional references, with examples from those projects that reflect the deliverables and scope of this project.

Image 1: Sloping Computer Lab Example.

Image 1 Sloping Computer Lab Example.








Image 2: Example Art Room.

Image 2 Example Art Room








Image 3: Example Black Box Theater.

Image 3 Example Black Box Theater








Image 4: Example Black Box Theater.

Image 4 Example Black Box Theater







Image 5: Example non-fixed telescopic/retractable seating for Black Box Theater.

Image 5 Example non-fixed telescopic-retractable seating for Black Box Theater





Image 6: Area of construction within El Camino Campus.

Image 6 Area of construction within El Camino Campus









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