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Gazette January 2017

General Director

On Thursday, December 1st, Colegio El Camino presented a conference about the International Baccalaureate for students of the Universidad Pedagógica Nacional. Forty University Students studying Pre-primary and Primary Education as well as Educational Psychology listened to the benefits of the IB program from preschool to the High School Diploma program.
This is the result of joint work by the Department of Psychology, General Direction, IB Secondary and High School Coordination, as well as Primary Years Program Coordination. The purpose was to achieve agreements with this institution so that UPN students can be candidates for Professional Internships in El Camino, as well as to create sources of employment for them since these students have a high standard of preparation.

Colegio El Camino is constantly looking for teachers interested in the active and meaningful learning of students, which is why it is always at the forefront of linking and establishing agreements with different institutions.


Welcome to the second semester of this school year and of course the beginning of 2017, we wish great things for everyone this year!

February’s Value: Empathy

Empathy is the ability to put one’s self in other person’s place and gto know what they could feel or even what they may be thinking.

Empathy is the quality that we as human beings have to be able to establish good interpersonal relationships with other people.

It is this value within ourselves that gives us the ability to understand, comprehend, help, support, and motivate our fellow beings. It is to feel what the other person feels and to recognize that they need others for the adequate development in all areas. It is also to be aware that everything in the lives of the people around us may not be right and that we can help them.

What is empathy important for?
1. To have excellent personal development. It takes others to be well, to fulfill our dreams, our passions, and to develop our full potential; it takes other people to live the way we want to live and in harmony with others.
2. To help the personal development of others. Just as you need help from others, others need help from you. We´ve all had to give advice at some point… People who can be friends, family, or just an elderly man who asks for help to cross the street. Empathy is the key that will allow you to go far and that opens doors to great opportunities. It is the piece in the puzzle of life that helps you experience happiness, prosperity, tranquility, fun and well-being.

Empathy is:
• To hug your pet, knowing that if hugged too tight you could cause it pain
• To feel happy when my friend found her lost toy
• Help mom with chores when I know she is tired
• Hug a friend when you know they are sad
• When a new classmate arrives to school, empathy means that you invite them to play with you and your friends so they don´t feel alone
• To understand the situations another family might be going through and offer our help
• When my sister spills her milk and instead of laughing, you can help her clean the mess

January Birthday´s


We would like to remind you that the corresponding evaluations for the 3rd bimester will begin on January 31st and end on February 13th.

On Valentine´s Day, February 14th students are permitted to celebrate by wearing a red or white shirt with denim pants (not ripped)

Check out the students having fun and learning in the Science Lab, creating different compositions and figures.


January Birthday´s

Keisha Pardini Corona
Bruno Esteban Orozco López
Alissa De Los Ríos Miller
Sofía Bustamante Aguilar
Alexandra Mucino Aguirre
Diego Vargas Allec
Ethan Miguel Mahlstedt Avilés
Daniel Armando Araiza Ceseña
Eric Alexander Halicky Martínez
William Michael Halicky Martínez
Leonardo Simja Serrano Ramírez
Karol Sánchez Peña
Maisie Jordan Kucera Peralta
Michelle Bustamante Aguilar
Ozzy Patricio Viaña Cano
Dulce Sofía Cadoret Cervantes
Nabyenka Valentina García Bareño Domínguez
Aliyah Jiménez Favela
Fernando Robles Soto
Natalia Chantal Ríos Martínez
Luis Enrique Espinoza Ramírez
Francisco Javier García Delgado
Jimena Ortiz Urías
Mariana Romero Moreno
Nicole Sánchez González
Iván Calderón Castañeda
Mariana García Cota
Claudio Calderón Ruiz


Meeting Deadlines

Colegio El Camino recently received our PEP verification visit, waiting to be officially recognized as an IB World School in Preschool and Elementary. To achieve this process, the educational community put all their efforts and enthusiasm together in order to demonstrate how we have progressed in the development of the units of inquiry, but above all, in the way that the attributes of the profile make us better citizens.

The verification visit was held on January 23rd and 24th. For this visit we were honored to have with us Ms. Renata Cabarga and Ms. Claudia Ghigliazza, international educators assigned by the IB, who visited the classes, met with managers, teachers and a significant group of students and parents with the sole intention of ensuring that the School has taken the necessary actions to make learning interesting, stimulating, meaningful and relevant.

While we are aware that we must continue looking for ways to improve our educational practice, we are sure that the steps we have taken are of great benefit to all of us who form this community.
Thank you to all those who trust in our work and we look forward to celebrating the formal recognition of the Primary Years Program by the International Baccalaureate Organization.


In the month of January we had a pleasant talk about the difficulties in learning while at school imparted by the neuropsychologist Gabriela Michaca. Thank you to the parents who attended.

The subject was addressed to parents and focused on the fact that there could be a learning disorder when the individual’s performance in reading, calculus or written expression is substantially lower than expected at a certain age. Schooling, and learning problems that significantly interfere with academic performance or every day activities that require reading, calculation or writing are common traits.

Potential causes could be due to a TDH, Autism, Aspergers, or generalized developmental disorder and the key is to make an early diagnosis, to stimulate the necessary sensory areas supporting the skills and strengths of the child through a relationship of effective communication with the children.
We cordially invite you to the next Learning in Family Workshop for parents with kids from 2 to 7 years old. We will send out the invitation with detailed information.

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