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Student Credentials 2018

Dear Parents and students
This Tuesday September 25th. We handed out credentials to most of the students for those of you who have paid for them. If you have not paid for the platforms fee that includes your child’s identification we request you do by Wednesday October 26th. It can be paid at the school cashier’s office. We will require all students to have and show their identification starting on Thursday September 27th. This credential is a plastic digitalized Identification that will fulfill several purposes.

  1. Students will need them to enter and exit school for security reasons and attendance. Children in Primary, Middle School and High School must show their identifications and check them with the electronic reader (Those that have the green stripe indicate they can leave the school without being picked up in the vialidad and those with a red stripe will not be allowed to leave except with you and the people you indicated on your permission form. If you haven’t filled this out yet it is critical you do so. We will not release your child to anyone not on that list for any reason.

    2. If a student does not bring the ID to school he/she will not be able to leave without the parent parking, and physically signing out his or her child at the exit of the Elementary/Middle/High School door.

    3. Students will need them for field trips. They will be required to have them to go off campus so they can identify themselves to any authorities at off site locations and to our staff.

    4. When students need to borrow an item from a teacher they can use the ID to give to the teacher until the item is returned. This helps us keep control/inventory of school property (example IPADS/ PENCILS/ LAB MATERIAL etc.)

    5. Students can use them for discount rates on transportation and in many museums, and other recreational places.

    6. The library will require a student to use his or her identification to borrow books.

    7. The ID can also be used as a debit card for the Cafeteria services where you can deposit funds and you can determine the amount your child can spend per day and what he/she can order to eat. 

Thank you for your support to make our school safer and more efficient in all aspects.

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