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20% Discounts in Tuition for June

In Colegio El Camino, we are aware that COVID 19 is bringing economic challenges to many CEC families. Colegio El Camino will continue to provide each family the following tuition adjustments while maintaining our staff payroll, ongoing operational costs and essential services our school requires.

20% Discount for the June Tuition Payment Valid Through June 10th.


This discount cannot be added/combined with current scholarships, executive discounts, and discounts for parents with multiple children in the school or prepaid tuition payments made for the entire year
    a. Example: If I have a 30% Scholarship, the 20% is not added to the scholarship. It remains 30%. However if I have a 2nd, 3rd or 4th child the 20% now applies to each additional child
    b. Example: If I have two children and do not have a scholarship but have a 10% discount for the second child, both my first child and second child will now have a 20% discount each. The 10% for the first child is not added but replaced by the 20%
    c. Example: If I have an executive discount of 20% matched by my company, the 20% discount cannot be added to the 20% discount for June being offered to me by the school.

  1. This discount does not apply to previous months` overdue tuition payments.
  2. Surcharges for past due tuition payments will now be frozen so additional surcharges do not accumulate. ( This will only be offered for a period to be determined and then addressed on a case by case situation )
  3. Payments not made by the 10th of the month will not receive this 20% discount benefit.
  4. We encourage you to make your payments online by transfer and be sure to include the name of your child (ren) in the alphanumeric space.
  5. If you need to make payment by credit card or cash please contact Alma Diaz, our administrator



Bank:                     BANORTE

Account:                 0273455060

Interbank Clabe        072041002734550604

Beneficiary              EL CAMINO CABO SAN LUCAS, A.C.

Reference:               Student Name

Send the proof of payment to:



Bank:                     BANORTE

Account No.            0273455060

Beneficiary: El Camino Cabo San Lucas, A.C

Send the proof of payment to:, with the name of the student.


Please contact Alma Díaz,

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