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Mission Statement

“Our mission is to develop honorable, inquiring and caring life-long learners with intercultural understanding and respect for others who, through creativity and rigorous curriculum, become passionate leaders and participants in a global community.”


“Our vision is to be the best educational option for Los Cabos, distinguished for our academic achievements, our commitment to the best causes of society and for encouraging our students to become the leaders and agents of change that the community demands.”

Our School Beliefs
  • The main purpose of education at C.E.C. is to develop students´ ability to think critically and integrate ideas, rather than simply accumulate facts.
  • C.E.C. supports and promotes the philosophy that discovery of knowledge is the responsibility of students.
  • Meaningful learning occurs when students are actively engaged, are allowed to confront real problems, make choices, and find solutions.
  • C.E.C. provides a safe, stimulating environment to learn, socialize and grow.
  • C.E.C. works with all stakeholders to build community spirit and participation.
  • C.E.C. parents are members of our community and share in our challenges and success.
  • C.E.C. parents are involved in their children´s education, and teach them the values of honesty, responsibility, tolerance and respect for everyone and everything in our school community.
  • C.E.C. parents participate in a supportive partnership with the school to promote student learning and assist the school in providing the best educational opportunities for their children.
  • School improvement is a continuous cyclical process of evaluation, planning, implementation and reflection.
  • The C.E.C. community believes in universal values as fundamental pillars which allow knowledge to be applied with integrity.Colegio El Camino (C.E.C.) teachers are facilitators and provide opportunities for our students to connect new knowledge with what they already know.

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