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Colegio El Camino is the only preparatory school in Los Cabos that can offer graduates automatic entrance in prestigious universities such as UAG (Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara), ITESO (Instituto Tecnologico de Estudios West) and UDLAP (Universidad de Las Americas Puebla).

UAG Colegio El Camino

Recognizing the quality of studies offered at El Camino College, institutions of higher education proposed the following guidelines which helps our graduates matriculate:

UAG: Average minimum of a score of 8 (eight) while in High School for automatic admission to any of their career track studies without taking the entrance examination. The applicant is only responsible for the cost of application.

ITESO: Average score of 8.5 in the 1st through 5th semesters during High School to any of their career track studies without taking the entrance examination.

UDLAP: Automatic entrance for all High School graduate who have a minimum 8.0 from Colegio El Camino. In addition, they extend the following benefits:

  1. The entrance examination fee is credited as a scholarship/grant for graduates with a minimum cumulative of 8.5.
  2. Graduates with a minimum GPA of 8.0 entering UDLA, Puebla are exempt from paying the admission fee.
  3. Access to “Excellence Jenkins”, “Jenkins”, “Fraternité” and “Departamental de Excelencia” scholarships as a result of their scores on the Scholastic Aptitude Test and previous socio-economic studies.


International Baccalaureate and SACS AdvancED

Colegio El Camino is a fully certified school with the Secretaría de Educación Pública and just recently was authorized as an IB World School in April of 2014 for the IBDP progam and in April of 2017 for the Primary Years Program. Our School is the only IB World School in Baja California and only one of one hundred and 110 in México to reach this lofty status. IB-LogoThe International Baccalaureate (IB) is an internationally recognized educational program which emphasizes the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to create leaders in the globalized society of the future. More than one million students in 146 countries participate in this comprehensive trans-disciplinary program (

Colegio El Camino has also received accreditation with SACS AdvancED, a non-profit independent organization that conducts rigorous, on site reviews of schools to ensure that a quality curriculum is established and maintained, and that all learners realize their full potential ( This accreditation also signifies that we are recognized as a quality school in the US in addition to México.

These accreditations measure the educational services provided by Colegio El Camino against international standards. As a result our students will have the foundation to excel in their studies at our school and in the best universities around México and of the world.  Our fully bilingual curriculum supports their success and broadens their possibilities for future studies and life beyond.


Blue NetSchool Nurse Services: Blue Net Hospitals

Blue Net Hospitals is our out sourced nursing service for the entire school community. In addition to the full time nurse, there are doctors and ambulance service when necessary. The initial care of the nurse is free for staff and students. Parents have the option of choosing the nursing service from Blue Net Hospitals. The office is open to general users as well.

Colegio El Camino has always considered that a high quality education requires a safe and healthy environment, which includes high quality health care. With that in mind, Colegio El Camino has provided on site  nursing services through Blue Net Hospitals at no extra cost. In addition to the caring and professional nursing services on our campus, Blue Net Hospitals also provides special rates for students and families in El Camino at their clinics and hospitals. Learn more about Blue Net Hospitals here.

Sister Schools Program

Desert Willow Elementary School and Sonoran Trails Middle School, Cave Creek Unified School District, Arizona, USA

Colegio El Camino recently aligned with our two sister schools as part of an initiative by Alicia Frampton. Alicia moved to Cabo San Lucas from Arizona for one year to enhance her Spanish. Alicia´s family chose to enroll in Colegio El Camino as we are an internationally accredited bilingual school that would provide Alicia a quality educational experience. After one year, Alicia returned to Arizona and began to speak to her teachers and peers about her experience. As a result, she along with the staff proposed we form a sister school program. Our first year saw students from all three schools begin to communicate through skype conferences and the culmination was a week long trip of students from the Arizona schools to Cabo San Lucas in the Spring of 2014. The experience was fantastic and we are working towards interschool projects and a future trip by our students to both sister schools. Learn more about our sister schools below…

Desert Willow Elementary School, Cave Creek Unified School District, Arizona, USA

Desert Will Elementary School Website


This neighborhood school has approximately 650 students in kinder through 6th grade. Half of the school participates in a Spanish Immersion program that began in 2002 and which is similar to the model used at Colegio el Camino. Students in the Spanish Immersion program receive half of their daily instruction in Spanish and the other half in English. The other half of the school receives the majority of its instruction in English with an hour of Spanish conversation classes a week. These programs have received national, state and local level recognitions and awards over the years (Golden Bell, Federal Grants, Magna Award, A+ Exemplary Programs).

Principal: Mr. Mark Culbertson

Sonoran Trails Middle School, Cave Creek Unified School District, Arizona, USA


Sonoran Trails Middle School houses approximately 800 7th and 8th graders for Cave Creek Unified School District. All students participate in daily World Language classes, the same as with all other core subjects. Students can select between learning Spanish, French or Mandarin Chinese and have the opportunity to skip the first year of high school when they arrive at our feeder high school, Cactus Shadows High School (an IB/AP school). The Spanish Immersion students from Desert Willow continue to stay together for two periods of the day in Spanish—Social Studies and Spanish Language—throughout their two-year stay at Sonoran Trails Middle School.

Principal: Mr. Bill Dolezal
District Liasion is Cristina Ladas, World Language Coordinator for CCUSD

Southwest Minnesota State University

Colegio El Camino and Southwest Minnesota State University have formalized a student teaching practicum program that was born two years ago. Initially SMSU visited our school and proposed the idea. The first year saw 20 University Students studying their education degrees come for a week long practicum mixed with a vacation from the cold and snowy Minnesota winter. This school year two SMSU students completed a twelve week practicum in Colegio El Camino. Miss Britta Monger and Miss Dana Boerboom completed the program successfully under the supervision of Tracy Semmer Kloos, a highly experienced former teacher and administrator in Canada as well as their supervisors from SMSU. One of our families hosted the teachers in their home and we want to thank them for their support. We look forward to hosting future SMSU students. For more information about SMSU please consult the following information.

Southwest Minnesota State University is a four-year public university offering a high quality education in the liberal arts and professions to prepare you for a life that is successful both personally and professionally. SMSU has grown into a university of choice with high national rankings, producing scholars who become the leaders, thinkers, and entrepreneurs of the future. Students and faculty alike come here to engage in the rich “Southwest Experience,” which starts with strong academics, fulfilling social opportunities and support from fellow Mustangs. We invite you to visit SMSU and to experience for yourself all that it has to offer.

With over 45 Undergraduate degrees and 3 Masters degrees, there’s a major specifically for you! Choices like these show why SMSU is “Where you Belong!”
Specific to our School of Education,

SMSU Education Department Mission and Vision

Mission: The mission of the Professional Education program at SMSU is to create communities of practice where each learner is an active participant in the investigation of learning, teaching, and leadership processes. Teachers and learners will engage in educational theory, research, inquiry, critical reflection, and application in pursuit of excellence in education.

Vision: Communities of practice investigating learning and teaching

SMSU School of Education Chairperson: Dr. Sonya Vierstraete

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