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Guidance, College and Career Planning Program


Life in the twenty-first century poses many demands on students. Colegio El Camino helps them acquire an international mindset and confidence to face an ever changing world that is an integral part of their education, which is why the subject of guidance counseling in middle school (7th, 8th and 9th) and college and career counseling in High School (10th, 11th and 12th) are part of our curriculum. These two programs help our students discover their interests, aptitudes and abilities that define their vocational profile. This self discovery is done using different tools of self-knowledge, aptitude testing, and preparing life projects, through interviews and or individual counseling and the application of psychometric assessments. These tools assist students to discover their areas of interest, master skills and vocational practices in connection with different organizations, that provide them the opportunity to experience the different occupational areas of interest.

Some of the agreements we have with Top Universities in México are:

  • Universidad Anahuac with an automatic pass, 300% Scholarship for students with a GPA of 9.0, with previous application for admission exam. The percentage of the scholarship is based on results and is provided by the university.
  • Universidad de Tijuana with an automatic pass, scholarships of 30% to students with a GPA of 9.5 and above, 25% for students with a GPA of 9.0 to 9.4 and 15% for student with GPA of 8.0 to 8.9
  • Universidad Iberoamericana (IBERO) with automatic pass for students with a minimum GPA of 8.5, Scholarship limited to 50% and 90%.
  • Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara (UAG) with automatic pass, no admission exam required for students with a final grade of 8.0, scholarships up to 80%, preference i application to university scholarships., access to library services and institutional online magazines.
  • Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de México (ITAM) scholarships offered to students with a minimum GPA of 9.0 for Engineering Careers 50% or 70%.
  • Instituto Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Occidente (ITESO) with automatic pass for students with a minimum GPA of 8.5 between the 1st and 5th semester or at the end of it.
  • Universidad de Monterrey (UDEM) minimum GPA of 9.5 on the 5th semester and minimum score of 1,200 in the entrance exam. 90% scholarship to Artistic Talent, portfolio required.
  • Universidad de Las Americas Puebla (UDLAP) with automatic pass with a minimum GPA of 8.0 with no admission fee, 10% scholarship on Tuition, this is for all Colegio El Camino students.

Some of the services offered by our Educational Psychology Department are:

  • Evaluation of admission for new students
  • Psychological assessment for new students through tests and projective psychometric inventories
  • Family learning
  • Vocational Fair

Our certifications by the SEP (Public Secretary of Education) are as follows:

  • Kindergarten – Agreement SEP #04-0503/006 Dated: January 2005
  • Elementary School – Agreement SEP #84167 Dated: January 1984
  • Middle School – Agreement SEP #8603001 Dated: December 1986
  • High School – Agreement SEP #890430 Dated: October 1989

Mentoring Program

This new program was initiated in the 2012 2013 school year. This program allows trained staff to accompany our students in their emotional, social and academic development through open one on one communication.  Staff assists students during moments of stress or crisis and also celebrates moments of triumph and success.  The students and staff begin to get to know each other through discussing hobbies, likes, interests and through reflection activities that promote students to assume responsibility for the decisions they make in life and analyzing the effects and consequences of those decisions whether positive or negative. The program is an essential part of our philosophy here at El Camino.

After School Academic Academies

Colegio El Camino understands that both students and parents require both support for academics as well as opportunities for unique learning experiences outside the daily curriculum. In response to interest and community requests we have launched our after school academic academies program. This program permits students to attend workshops after school in mixed level groupings including classes such as support for Math, English and Spanish as well as Homework Club, Art and Music. For more information contact our Educational Psychology Department, Martha Ramirez, 

Camino Language Acquisition Support Program (CLASP)

Colegio El Camino understands the ever changing global community and the needs for educational support for students facing language challenges. The Camino Language Acquisition Support Program (CLASP) was developed to offer additional language acquisition support to our students.

CLASP takes three approaches to helping our students gain more competencies in their second language. These parts are detailed in the table below.  Please note that the first and second level of CLASP is included in the tuition, while level three requires payment of an additional fee in the afternoon academies program.

We strongly encourage parents whose children face language challenges to sign up for all three levels of CLASP to maximize their acquisition of their second language.


  • In-school program for SSL/ESL students only
  • 2 to 3 hours per week
  • The in-school program helps ESL/SSL students who are struggling in certain academic subject areas because of second-language issues in one on one or small groups to work on their language skills through the curriculum.


  • Conversational Spanish and English Elective
  • 1 hour per week
  • Conversation offered during the elective class hour that focuses on developing conversational fluency in  Spanish or English.


  • ESL and SSL Tutoring
  • 2 1-hour classes each week after school ( 3:30 to 4:30 pm )
  • ESL and SSL classes offer a more structured and intense study of a second-language.

Department of Educational Psychology

In the department of educational psychology features and services are designed to support the complete life and education of students, encouraging activities that identify them as honorable and understanding people in our cultural diversity; Likewise teachers and academic coordinators are supported by educational plans that contribute to the achievement of the educational processes of teaching and learning, Being prevention one of the strategies in the dimensions or areas of their performance as a human being:cognitive, social and affective, oriented towards achieving the educational goals of the school through specialized and personalized attention on the difficulties that may arise, which directly influences on their development in the areas of human activity : thinking, feeling , say and do.

These strategies are focused on learning according to the needs of vocational emotional orientation, learning, behavior , and / or cognitive students to promote the comprehensive development of students accompanied by working together with parents , teachers and coordinators academic and if necessary external professional allowing monitoring of its evolution in the school environment. You can avail the services of psychologists for each section: Preschool and Elementary, Middle school and High School section through teachers, coordinators or institution authorities, to support the needs of students requiring at school.

Nutrition Program

With childhood obesity on the rise and diabetes an eminent threat in our country, Colegio El Camino understands the importance of providing its students with the practices and tools they will need in order to lead healthy lives. Our school implemented an enhanced and all around fitness and health program that includes an integrated nutrition program. This helps students not only understand the importance of healthy eating but motivates them to apply their knowledge in activities developing healthier eating habits and the skills to make wise choices. The program has paid big dividends and was recognized as an outstanding practice by the SACS AdvancED quality assurance review team.


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