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Pure Cabo Concierge

2016/2017 Camino Partner


Edgar Arroyo
Camino del Colegio L-79 M-42 Pedregal CSL.
(624) 130-6994
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Pure Cabo - Camino Partner

At PURE Cabo Concierge Services we strive to meet every client’s demand, it is our goal and purpose to fulfill and exceed in every event or service needed – big or small, management and marketing initiative. We pride ourselves in providing the highest level of services along with our partners and providers. Some of our services include:

  • Private Concierge Services
  • Event Planning & Event Marketing
  • Event Management Services & Production
  • Transportation (sedan, motor coach and limo)
  • Audiovisuals, Stages, Lighting and Sound
  • Photography & Video (including air-drone)
  • Graphics & Printing
  • Web Design, Custom Software, Digital Design

We offer Special Rates for Camino Families!


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