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Dear Colegio El Camino Community,

As you know we are an IB world school and have had three generations of IB graduates. We are very proud of all of their achievements and are gathering information in regards to their current studies including what they are studying, where, scholarships and credits earned due to the IB. Along with all the acceptances to the top Universities in Mexico we have also had students enroll in Universities like Leed´s (England) University of Pennsylvania, University of British Columbia, Arizona and UCLA Berkley.

Benjamin Gastelum was a member of the graduating class last year and earned the full IB diploma. Beyond the credits he can earn in his University application he shared these comments about his experience. Our sincerest congratulations to Ben and all his peers.

The International Baccalaureate program was the best thing to ever occur to my academic career. Not only did it help me develop important skills that I would be able to apply in my future studies, the lengthy and rigorous nature of the program pushed me beyond my limits of what I believed I was capable of.

Prior to entering the diploma program, I was not aware of how valuable and enriching independent research and study could be. I was always lead to believe that the teacher was solely responsible for the students’ learning, later I discovered this not to be the case, and that my learning went far beyond the material covered in the classroom. Through the production of the internal assessments and the extended essay, I truly experienced what is was like to take information acquired through independent research and classroom learning, and apply it to meaningful projects.

However, not everything the IB taught me was directly related to my academics. With things such as the IB learner profile and the CAS program, I was able to look at my community with a completely new set of lens. I became more engaged with activities, I asked more questions, and for the first time in my life, I was reflecting on how I could make a difference, big or small, within my community. I learned the benefits of effective teamwork, and the importance of perseverance when dealing with long-term projects.

Graduating from the IB, gave me the most extraordinary sense of completion and fulfillment. Not only was I able to successfully finish the program and receive the diploma, I am now a more confident student. I will always look back on these 2 years fondly, and am very eager to see how I am able to apply my IB learnings to my future studies.

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